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Han Hong has donated her personal earnings and savings to charity to support the causes that she believes in, and has even said that she doesn’t have much left for herself and that is why she participates in all the variety shows that audiences are familiar with. In a YouTube video that compares the vocal abilities of Jennifer Hudson, Han Hong, and Whitney Houston, the images of the two American singers are quite starkly different from that of Han. She is able to relate and empathize with the subjects of her songs and use those emotions to compose lyrics and melodies that move the masses. [9] Two weeks later on May 7, On May 7, 2016, Han and Wang Han, the latter previously served as the host in I Am a Singer, presented another Hunan TV singing show Come Sing with Me which also produce success in the show's ratings. A popular folk song in China, the piece was first sung by Han's mother in the 1950s. It is surprising then, to find out that music not what Han dedicates most of her time doing.

[20], In 1999, she adopted a ​2 1⁄2-year-old boy named "Han Houhou",[21] who had lost his parents on October 3, 1999 in an accident due to an overloaded cable car at the Maling River Canyon near Xingyi, Guizhou Province, which had left 14 dead, 22 injured. Houston and Hudson both have slim, feminine figures, and they are also considered by many to be among the most attractive women in the world. This video is not just his performance, but the preparation part as well. ISBN: 978-0-7546-6853-7.” Popular Music 32, no. 206 Pp. I'm willing to help other real talented musicians fulfill their musical dreams, and become the top singers in, As an energetic and, from her appearance, slightly wild singer, Han Hong shows another side of her personality through her music; gentle and restrained. Most of Han's work reflect the Tibetan culture, but Han also use elements of Jazz, R-n-B, Rock-n-Roll and Latin music in her music work.[1].

Han has never stated anything about her way of dress aside from, “That’s just the way I am. doi:10.1017/S0261143012000712.

2009: Hanhong gave the old people down vest, medical equipment, a variety of practical gifts such as multi-purpose wheelchair, for ethnic minorities in Beijing old man bring the blessings of the double ninth festival and condolences n shijingshan national nursing home. Since she began composing in 1993, Han Hong has written a number of popular songs for other singers. So she was very busy every day. This song tells a story of an orphan: On the morning of May 14, Hanhong launched together with the China foundation for poverty alleviation “Hanhong caring and rescue operation” and held a press conference, calling for social fund-raising. [citation needed], Han's signature works are Tibetan Plateau (青藏高原) and Heaven's Road (天路). Daybreak is one that she wrote that is based on a true story, which moved her considerably. 2000: the song "day break" was performed for the CCTV "3.15" party.

At that time, I was bothered that nobody appreciated me, and no one helped me. In efforts to aid those impacted by the 2008 Wenchuan Earthquakes, she launched the Han Hon Charity Quake-Relief Initiative to fundraise, and she even went to Sichuan in person to participate in aid activities. Han Hong’s love for her grandmother is founded in the care and nurture that she provided for Han in a time when Han felt like she had no one to protect her. At the summit, addressed issues of education and cultural development in Tibet and performed a Tibetan song to advocate for her cause. Hong’s songs, style of performance, and even style of dress are proud proclamations of her extraordinary talent as well as her identities; in all fields that she excels in-music, philanthropy, and expression of identity-Han Hong breaks incredible boundaries. Information Center. This accident resulted in the deaths fo 14 people and wounded 22 others. 2012: Established her own charity organization, Han Hong Love and Charity Fund. Han later returned for two more seasons in the fourth and fifth seasons, both as guest performer in the Biennial concert airing after the live finals. The song is written from the perspective of a Tibetan person, standing atop a mountain, looking out see the magnificent railroad connecting Tibet to the rest of mainland China being built.
[13] Written in 2001, the song is very popular in China. What sets Han Hong apart from other celebrity philanthropists is her personal connection to the people she helps. Han does not exactly fit into the definitions of “queer stardom” nor “neutral gender” as the article defines them to be, but her masculine clothing choices have broken a stereotype of what female stars should and have to look like. In 1999, in the south-west China, there was a tragic accident . Like her mother, a Tibetan singer, Han Hong is able to shift quite easily from piercing high pitches to soft low tones. 2005: Han Hong performed for the tsunami relief charity activity titled with "love without borders acting big performance" in Hong Kong government stadium and donated 100,000 to the United Nations children's fund.

Right at that autumn day, no longer can I see my dad's face. Her song about the accident, “Daybreak,” debuted at the CCTV’s March 15th celebration in 2000. Starting in 2003 at the Women’s Global Leadership Summit held in Hawaii, USA, Han worked to raise money for Tibetan children’s education and health. I'm willing to help other real talented musicians fulfill their musical dreams, and become the top singers in China.". Her song about the accident, “Daybreak,” debuted at the CCTV’s March 15th celebration in 2000. Her father, a Han Chinese rusticated youth who came to Tibet during the Cultural Revolution, died in 1977.

She's able to shift freely from piercing high pitches to soft low tones. She said she feels empathy with the boy, more than others, since she herself lost her father at the age of six. She even established her own music label under the record company she signed. The day breaks. Versions: #1 #2. She decided to write a song to commemorate the couple’s sacrifice for their child, but in order to do that, she wanted to experience the feeling of riding in a cable car, and she did exactly that. Li, Eva Cheuk-yin. Farnham, UK: Ashgate, 2011. Later, Hanhong adopted that child. Han Hong, a mixed Han and Tibetan Chinese singer, is one of the most renowned female artists in China, winning multiple “Best Female Artist” awards throughout her career. She takes pride in the beauty of the land that she was born in, but at the same time boasts the Chinese government’s efforts to connect Tibet with the rest of China. Heavy Metal Rock Music and Chinese Elements: Tang Dynasty, Tiananmen Square: A Stage for Political Theatre, Chris Lee 李宇春 Influencing China’s Fashion Culture and Blurring Gender Norms, The Future of Uyghur Dance, as Characterized by 玉米提, Facing Chinese “Re-Education”, The role of Kung Fu Films as China’s Soft Power, The effects Civic Osmosis and the Growth of Global Monoculture on Performance: Through the Eyes of China, Metaphors in Zhao Benshan’s Comedy Sketches, Chinese National Symphony Orchestra: A case study in balancing Western influences and national pride, Opera of the Dragon and Opera of the Phoenix, The Rise of Underground Hip-Hop in China – The Case of The Rap of China, Ethnic Minority Music in Singing Competition Shows, The Idea of Female Liberty and Zhang Ziyi — Qinglai, Modern Art as Performance—Ai Weiwei’s Activism, Performance Elements and Developing Modern Chinese Dance, 128 BPM: Electronic Music in East and Southeast Asia, The Buddha Machine: An Expression of DIY and Spontaneity in Chinese Experimental Music, Which Mood of Love? The song throws light on the mysterious and rich culture of Tibet, and swept various pop song billboards across China, collecting more than forty awards in three months. She was born in Chamdo on September 26, 1971. [5], She performed in a Chinese television gala broadcast after the Olympic closing ceremony on August 24, 2008. On November 30, she attended the Chinese disabled person welfare foundation co-sponsored the "good" carnival, "cheer for the Chinese disabled person sports delegation" charity event held by China disabled persons' federation. With the plateau's thin air, singers endured a harsh time.

Right at that picturesque, beautiful place. 2006: Han hong participated in "China's warmth" to focus on AIDS to orphan children. On April 25, 2016, Han and Zhao Wei were officially revealed among the cast of her second directorial work, "No Other Love". In 1987, she joined the PLA second artillery corps command. 1 (1/4/2015): 75–95. I heard a loud noise echo in the valley.
I heard a mighty thundering shake the valley. The two-year-old kid survived, while her parents both died. it is all the more moving because it was written by her under the influence of real story. Last but not least, the last “threat” of the incredible Han Hong, is her appearance that defies all stereotypes about what a female artist should look like in order to be successful in the entertainment industry. The story of the couple’s bravery and sacrifice was soon heard by singer Han Hong, who became deeply moved and related this to her own experience of losing her father at the age of six.

She commemorates this in her song "Daybreak". Seeing the sun rise, they smile. As previously discussed, Han Hong would not be who she is without her charity work. Quite a number of Han Hong's songs relate to her roots in Tibet. In October of 1999, a tragedy occurred at the Maling National Park in Guizhou; the cable cars that delivered visitors up and down the mountains collapsed, causing many people trapped inside the cars. She is unbelievably generous, active in philanthropies helping the elder, the sick, and the youth. Edited by Andrew N. Weintraub and Bell Yung. In an interview, she describes the fear she felt as a child, riding on a train for three days from Chengdu to Beijing to leave her mother and to live with her grandmother. Now I've had a strong enough base, both financially and socially. “Ecological Degradation and Endangered Ethnicities: China’s Minority Environmental Discourses as Manifested in Popular Songs.” The Journal of Asian Studies 75, no. “Music and Cultural Rights. Her mum was also invited on stage to sing the song, Quite a number of Han Hong's songs relate to her roots in, Although she mainly deals with Tibetan themes, as a pop singer in. han hong daybreak lyrics.
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