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The finding of the best catcher’s gear set now is as easy as drinking a glass of water. There are A LOT of people out there that think catchers who wear knee savers are lazy, but I’m here to tell you that’s just not the case. My son (13) and daughter (15) use the Rawlings 950X series catchers gear. The chest protector is the best I have seen. In the history of baseball, Roger Bresnahan was the first person who wore protective padding. My son has worn a thumb guard since he was 10 and his new instructors says that you should not wear the guard and that it just teaches bad habits. I have Louisville slugger gear and really like it, and have an all-star mitt. Thanks, glad you like the article and the book! Helmet Impact-resistance ABS plastic shell, Double thickness foam liner gives slam absorption, Steel confine secures face without hindering vision. Reccomendations? BTW, he's brushing up on Catching-101...still enjoy that. The size of the leg guards is 14.5 inches. Our son knows he is at a disadvantage, but it fires him up to work even harder! Very curious since you see so many colleges using it. It also provides extra fitness to the catcher. We have two types of helmet: the traditional two-piece style helmet and the hockey-style helmet. Their gear is very well manufactured and quality is superior. Any comments? They really use a narrow lacing in that area. I want to check out the blog you have about knee savers and the one on the difference in the old school style catchers mask and helmet vs. the newer hockey mask style.
Under Armour UA Pro catcher’s gear set has stretchable straps. Your email address will not be published. I do know he is back to the old All-Star glove that we re-laced a few days ago while he continues to break in his new Wilson. My understanding of knee savers is that they were designed to extend an aging catcher's career? You need to buy that type of set which gives you complete protection and adequate comfort. Cheap protectors have hard substances inside and are heavier.

Incredible research, we are in Mexico and into little league teams. Everyone has different roles on the ground, but a catcher differs from others due to its role. Coach, Ha, thanks! You need to enter the ground with good quality equipment which can help you in changing the position of the match. There is one point that the hockey-style helmet is safer than a traditional two-piece style helmet. Just like Lebron James gets paid millions of dollars from Nike to wear their shoes, catchers get paid to wear catching gear. All-Star Player Series has vents for its high breathability. If you are a permanent baseball catcher, you should purchase an expensive catcher’s gear set. Thank you. Thanks for the study though as I think our current set is on its last year. For instance, it gives you much comfort and protection. Required fields are marked *. I was a Gold Glove guy... the small one! Take the first step towards sharpening your catching skills with this highly anticipated DVD. Some leg guards have a vent which keeps the player cool. It was almost 50/50 which seems to be more guys than ever before: If you’re looking for any new catching equipment I’d recommend checking out Baseball Express. That will either be another All-Star CM3000 Pro-Elite or top of the line Rawlings just to test. Once you buy it, you don’t need to buy it again for a couple of months. Tom Griffin is one of the most sought after catching speakers and covers blocking drills and mechanics in this video. All-Star catcher’s gear set has all the features which one needs. Hi, I wanted to know if you ever did the blog and research on the differences between the traditional and hockey style masks? It has a chin pad and also throat pad. Sometimes we look to cheaper things, but we forget that cheaper things are less protective. Shipping also costs low. With that said, there are huge endorsements and contracts and that does play a role in what guys wear. There are 2 factors that decide which gear pro catchers wear and they are: These guys make a living catching and they’re not going to bet their salaries on sub par equipment. Solid. Some of the results may surprise you! I’m pretty sure that Under Armour has paid All-Star a licensing fee to put their logo on equipment made by All-Star, however, I can’t confirm it. Here are 7 plays where the baserunner jumps over the catcher…, Last night, in game one of the 2015 World Series, Salvador Perez took a foul ball to his throwing hand…, I’m always curious to know what equipment MLB catchers are wearing so I decided to do some research….
The Rawlings mitts are high quality leather and crafted really well, but I just don't like the shape. I have been wearing all star gear and using their glove for 5 years!

iX5 Pro Camo is one of the best catcher’s gear set which is made by Diamond. I know it's a little high priced but it is for a reason. Here are the two points to be remembered: The expensive gear set is normally durable. They were inspired by motocross leg guards. A chest protector is the biggest part of the catcher’s gear set. Part of this is due to the fact that they don’t pay pro guys huge sums of money to wear their gear. I think the MLB guys agree with me…. Is there a reference for catcher gear for 9-10 years players ? All-Star Inter SYSTEM 7 AXIS USA PRO Catchers Set 17H, 2.

If your set is not fit, you might not run or chase a fly ball. All-Star S7 Axis leg pads are inspired by the motocross leg pads. I've been a big fan of Rawlings gear and Wilson custom mitts for a long time. Thanks a lot! All-Star Player Series gear is perfectly made for the young baseball catchers. He's only had the opportunity to wear it once, but seems to enjoy it very much. We’ve looked at many different types of gear; really like the Mizuno Chest Protector for how hard it is and appears to give good protection for blocking; but do not like the Samurai helmet; the padding looks cheap and the reviews I’ve read seem to confirm that. Again, a loyalty deal. In short, All-Star Catcher’s Gear set is the best set that provides you full protection.

Youth helmets are made for under 12 age players, while adult helmets are made for 13 and above than that players. I'd love to hear more about the knee savers. Throw them out! Being a catcher you need to cover your front side of your body. We can't seem to find any details. It has the ability to slam absorption. There are so many catcher’s gear sets that provide adequate comfort.

I use Easton gear and a Mizuno Glove and so far they've worked great. jamesdvdsduuu@gmail.com Robert G Dunbar 605-301-0772 This Site Is Owned By Robert G Dunbar, Top 5 Best Intermediate Catcher’s Gear Set 2020 – [Ultimate Buying Guide]. If you are a baseball catcher, it can be risky for your health. Just like Lebron James gets paid millions of dollars from Nike to wear their shoes, catchers get paid to wear catching gear. My son Justin is now at a D1 school and will be a returning sophomore. The traditional two-piece style helmet is better than a hockey-style helmet because it is easy to be removed when you want to chase a fly ball. It’s interesting that of the 30 different MLB catchers there are only 4 different brands of mitt used. As for traditional/hockey style masks, he usually wears the hockey style at this point just because he feels it offers him more all around protection of his head. Since he loves catching and is planning on continuing in that position as he goes into high school we went with the 33 1/2 Pro-Elite mitt. You need to oversee all the things and to keep all the points in your mind. Thanks!! He is starting to use the traditional mask and helmet for practices. Thanks Scott, glad you liked it! Any thoughts? It is also possible that the material from which they are made become rotten. The closed net of the mitt gives support and provides enough protection to the catcher. It is also warmer and since he plays in the Ohio Valley Conference that means something in the early part of the season...❄️ He has worn the traditional style some, but for now uses the hockey style. Glove wise over the years he has had Akadema, Mizuno, All-Star and now Wilson. Good price point and good gear that has stood the test of years of baseball use by numerous catchers. I wanted to update you on my post from July 2015. Your email address will not be published. It has high traits through which you can lead your game up to the next level. The 4 brands listed below are, in my opinion, much better than the other brands available. All in all, he really likes the All-Star the best so far and now has to break in another glove from Wilson. If you prefer a shallow pocket then definitely look at the Rawlings, but if you prefer something deeper go with the All-Star or Wilson. It is made of complete steel and also gives you peripheral vision. I too wore All-Star back in the day. It has only been this last year where he had received free gear from a sponsor company. Far superior to the Rawlings we was using. My 12 year old loves his Under Armour gear and his knee-savers!
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