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Here's a pic of two shots each with 50 cal 250gr Copper Aerotip (top) and 300gr Aerolites (bottom) at 100 yds. I established a place in the community as a mortgage banker and met my lovely wife Lisa. These are two different forms of black powder acceptable for your gun. These guns are capable of firing 150 grains of powder, but I usually start with a lighter load and increase with 10 grains of powder after 3 shot groups. CVA has taken what was already an extremely accurate and well valued gun and made it better. I've always heard that the barrel isn't long enough to burn a full 150gr of powder, and I've never had any problems with the 100gr loads. Sep 13, 2003 Somerset. This is especially true if you have the ability to put a high powered scope on the gun. Im.still tinkering with mine some. muddhunter, Sep 14, 2017. muddhunter, Sep 14, 2017 … Thread starter spydermon; Start date Sep 19, 2015; Sep 19, 2015. YOU WILL BE OVER CHARGING A PRODUCTION MUZZLELOADER. Claw is an understatement. Ed Shilen is a pretty common name to many bench rest and long range shooters and has made a life out of bench shooting and making barrels. I am the President of Sportsman's News. I have taken 3 deer at 200 yards the most one ran was mayde 10 yards. Messages: 124 Likes Received: 0 Trophy Points: 16.

CVAs are very good rifles. Best loads with CVA Accura V2. Now i shot the 250. You are using an out of date browser. What is your most accurate load combination? … I have a wolf i use to shoot the power belts. The 27” barrel makes for a full powder burn even with magnum loads. The gun is 42” overall length and has a 14.5” pull. The original Accura has been out for several years and has been my personal gun of choice since inception, but I have now upgraded to the V2 series. You must log in or register to reply here. The new Quick Release Breech Plug or QRBP is the big hype with this new gun, and it works just as advertised. For the breech plug, call CVA at 770-449-4687, if there are none in stock, western powders, eBay, Amazon, midway, should have them. I'm going to shoot blackhorn 209 powder.

Grn SST with three 50 gr pellets. The sling that comes with it is called the “Claw” and is now mounted on every one of my rifles. The flask stores my powder and the measure is a small brass device that can adjust the amount of grains I shoot in my gun.
In 2004 I started Sportsman's News out of my love and passion for the outdoors as well as the desire to share our passion with others. I have an accura v2 and am looking for some advice on a good load/bullet choice. This is my recipe for a deadly combination. The in-line technology has made these guns as accurate as many center fire rifles. JavaScript is disabled.

S. spydermon Senior Member. I personally like to shoot loose powder instead of pellets. Some of the other muzzleloader companies claim to do this, but after testing, they don’t live up to the reputation. Having a great rifle is only half the battle. I would hunt any thing with that load. I don't have a 200 yard range and don't have a bdc scope on mine, curious though, what would the drop be from 100-200? I have the winchester 209 primers, but after doing some research I see that some say to shoot a fiochhi … My favorite load is a 300 gr Hornady XTP mag ahead of 100 grains of Triple Seven. Knowing how to use it is the other half. Black horn web site has the breech plug your looking for I use the chiddette primers with 90/grains of BH 209 an a hornady sst 250/grain bullet , How ever I'm shooting a traditions pursuit xlt they preform well togather, 300 grain bullets tend to work best out of CVAs, but each gun is different, so you might need to try a few and see what your gun likes. At initial setup with your gun, I recommend that you mount a high powered rifle scope onto your gun of at least 9 power whether you will be hunting with a scope or not. I have high hopes from what I've seen. I spent 8 years of my life serving as a United States Marine. Once you pick up one of these great guns and dial it in, you will see why it is our muzzleloader “Pros Picks”. It comes equipped with fully adjustable front and rear fiber optic sights and is also drilled and tapped for scope mounts. Will have to change your breach plug. Tags: Add Tags. Most are running 110 gr bh 209...I'm assuming that's measured and not weighed. 250gr CVA Slick load sabots, 100gr Blackhorn209, cci 209m primers, @100 yards. Discussion in 'Muzzleloading and Traditional Archery' started by westernsix, Dec 4, 2012.

Magnum capable rifles include all CVA Break-Actions, Bolt Action in-lines (FireBolt, MagBolt, and HunterBolt) and any year 2001+ Eclipse and Stag Horn rifles. It shot pretty good today with 110 though. Once you have made 10 posts, you will be able to start new threads in the forum. Posted by trophyhunter | Aug 1, 2011 | Articles, Hunting, Product Reviews | 0 |. More accurate than I am. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Since I shoot loose powder, I need a powder measure as well as a powder flask. It may not display this or other websites correctly. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. I have the same rifle, I shoot sub 1-inch groups at 100 yds. Thank you and I mis-typed...I meant by volumes and not pure weighed out. Dam good combo. The Bergara barrels are manufactured in Spain where some of the best custom gun manufactures have resided for hundreds of years. The CVA Accura V2 is quickly becoming one of the favorite weapons of choice for the Sportsman’s News team. I shoot a CVA Wolf and use two 777 50gr pellets, that combo killed A LOT of deer and one moose. Sep 14, 2017 #1. muddhunter 12 pointer. That load would be perfectly fine for any of the animals you stated. The original Accura has been out for several years and has been my personal gun of choice since inception, but I have now upgraded to the V2 series. The new Accura V2 is equipped with a 416 stainless steel 27” fluted Bergara Barrel.
I've never tried the 150gr. I'm going to shoot blackhorn 209 powder. Pellets are preformed cylinders of powder which are usually premeasured at 30 and 50 grains. I use the blackhorn 209 powder and the 250 grain hornady sst. I use 100gr Blackhorn 209 (with the 209 breech plug) and 300 gr Powerbelt Aerolites.

I shoot 250 grain Powerbelt Aerolite bullets.
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