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Biologists have reported that the Don’t forget that what they lack in size, they make up for in aggressive strength. inches long in just one year. google_color_border = "FFFF66"; Sardinata attack in zig-zagging rushes, scooping their prey into the gaping mouth.

Their diet consists mostly of. Pound for pound, these ‘cats’ are as strong – if not stronger – than any fish I’ve had on a rod and reel. It’s an incredible sight to witness a wave, made entirely of fleeing silvery baitfish bodies, form itself in perfectly still water. Even though they resemble Black Bass, they don’t belong to the same family. We’ll dive into the specifics of fishing regulations a bit later. Most species, belong to the genus Mylossoma.

The speckled peacock has reportedly a fairly uniform, continuous growth rate until it dies of old age. var dc_UnitID = 14; Like many other cichlids, male peacock bass grow faster and larger than females. Growth of butterfly and royal peacock bass continues to be rapid to sizes of 2 to 3 pounds after which it may slow. natural river habitat, which is seldom larger than 9.5 pounds. Like its larger, fast-water cousin, it’s a fast, fierce predator.

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