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it was just so amazing and intriguing! that pretty much signaled the end of major network shows for me. It is they who keep studios alive after all. I loved this so much I hope they can bring it back I'll even donate money for this show to come back for a season 14 I loved kyle and Declan and loved how foss was always there for kyle.

It's awful to love something like this and never be able to climb into that world without the pang of loss it leaves. He conspired with Tom and Declan to sneak into Madacorp and steal the ring back. I only got introduced to this fact at about episode 5 . Many people thin that the cast wouldn't be able to pull it off because they have grown and all but I think they could with all the technology and make up they use now a days. Playing a game, Kyle discovers a number, 781227, and Josh adds that to his "alien notebook" as Kyle's space birthday. I would not recommend this to somebody to start watching. Season 2 there was no advertisment in England not telling us it was back on our screens for Season 2!

Mark also becomes Kyle's close friend after helping him destroy Latnoch.

you know if they make more Kyle XY shows the fans will love it no matter what. I have my own ending for this show that i think works pretty good..its a two part series fanali, part one titled if you love them let them go....Kyle is about to kill casidy, and foss comes in does what he always does and protects kyle, with this revelation of letnok's agressivness to do what ever they have to do to get their way, kyle and jessie say their good byes to the tragers becuase they feel as long as their involved in their lives they will never be safe. It would be of great importance for me to at least intaragir a bit with a large idol ... Know that I am a BIG FAN yours! Its been 6 years since you cancelled it, and people are still interessed in wanting it back.. I couldn't get enough of Kyle his kindness and honesty always left me with a good feeling inside. I hate watching seasonal movies and even series movies (except Harry Pottery, and that was more than three years after the conclusion) . i wish someone could of done more but yet it seems quite late now.Kyle XY will live on in my memory forever, the way it touched me in such positive ways i will never forget. I can say with assurance that I would be one of 4 people in my circle to bye and read the story.
me and my mum fell in love with the show, we watched every episode it was our get away into a heart warming show. Nicole is amazed with his IQ and drawing by making dots, and Kyle calls her Mom. I wish the writers would continue the story in book format. Kyle figured that the ashes he scattered were not Baylin's, and he and Jessi attempted to communicate with Adam. Season 3 had been written with the confident anticipation that a Season 4 would be forthcoming. When the show was made and when it ended the country was going through some hard times but I promises that if they tried to start the series up again or even just made one final episode everyone would be happy and they show would probably have 10 times as many views as before! There has been a secret location that was built long ago they can travel to this location and live in peace and quiet..this protects the tragers as well as the world, the other choice is they can continue to fight for the lives they have with the tragers and try to protect them the first half could be called..."If you love them let them go......season finalli part 2...can be called if its meant to be they will return...this could take place 5 years later down the road...the tragers lives have moved on but misssery still floods over the loss of kyle, one day there is a knock at the door and Nichole and steven open the door to see kyle, jesse, and their three year old twins, who they named adam, and sarah standing there...they find out that the last five years have not been all together spent in hiding but rather building defences to protect everyones futures...They have taken over latnock and will only use their genus for good and want to involve the tragers in their family, kyle asks wehre are lori and josh and very soon kyle is faced with the reality of loosing kyle and andy that josh and amanda became a couple but in true kyle style he is happy with his life and wants true happiness for amanda and josh as well. He questions whether a person should have the abilities he has, and if it's playing God. Kyle XY was so amazing and wonderful. Grace kills herself after Latnoch is ruined, as there is nothing left for her in the world. Veronica Mars did a kick starter movie to conclude everything but they just made it a crowd pleaser and it ruined the magic, everything ended back where it started, no one progressed. I have one son who walked into a Shakespearean audition when he was 12. Before they can, Amanda is put in lockdown by her mother, saying that she wants to drop out of the music conservatory.

It is unfortunate that ABC couldn't at least bring Kyle XY to a proper end. I don't understand why this had to be done... My Heart is broken. I......hurt. With that in mind and with most ppl these days streaming i am wondering why they dont bring it back as an internet show like hemlock grove from netfliks. They would have the demographics of who/how many were watching. The series premiered in the United States on June 26, 2006 and ended on March 16, 2009 on ABC Family with 43 episodes produced. I still hope they'd bring Kyle xy back, although I'm a favor of Jessi. I have all episodeos here at my computer and watched the show a bunch of times and never get tired! Decision making people at abc choke on a dick. little pissed what abc family has done to the millions of people who fell in love with the show. I really want this show to come back, I am watching at this moment in time I love it I have watched it so many times and I am so upset that they wouldn't continue I would rather watch this that easterners that is still on tv today, it is an awesome program that myself and my daughter got wrapped in.

AND I CAN PROOF IT !!!!!!!!!!!

So physically he can survive considerably longer than Baylin thought. It was perfect sf for the whole family.
Tom Foss you are really good at acting I liked how you took care of kyle everytime and a really good friend to Adam baylin.Adam baylin you really kinda look like kyle and you were really good.other members did a good job like Michael cassity,the people from madacorp, the guy who got pepper spray on his face,and by the way you were cute.all the comments here PROVE that KYLE XY IS a big hit and you guys should consider to make more shows.

Star wars never cancelled after darth vader revealled he was lukes father. I would compare this up there with the likes of twilight with a little tweek. hi im paul winter from the uk i never sore the series till it came on netflix once i started watching i wanted more sorry the show got cancelled and for those people that cancelled the show dum idea if i had the cash i would pay for more my self matt Dallas waw looking forward to see more of your work. Matt Dallas is 30 years old! !I tell you, if you don't commence now, I would grow really rich and make you continue in your old age. Onakwa nisengete otenyu.. andu aa ma ABC meenda kwiwa maseuvye imanza yingi ya sinema uu kana tueke kumeloela. The fact that so may still watch it means it could be worth while. Foss returns to congratulate Kyle on taking down Latnoch. I am curious - has anyone approached Netflix to possibly pickup the show; or create a movie? Why not bring the show back with Kyle in his 20's ? Love this show, it'll always be apart of my life. I'm so upset. Upon Kyle's return to the Trager family, he is shut out by Declan because he refused to tell him what had happened while he was away.

Nothing is impossible.Look at our great inspiration KYLE ♡Never Lose Hope! After hours of trying, Kyle finally managed to "talk" to William and managed to tell Stephen that William did read the letter that he thought William had ripped up and forgotten about. We would be able to explore with him, and grow spiritually with him, for ourselves to now make decisions for our future in this world towards peace and sustainability, before great calamities overcome us. Thank's to Julie Plec for the final words! Just a hopeful suggestion.

Why wouldn't Julie Plec release a novel/short story/epilouge etc to give us the ending we all deserve? Now I wished I had...hoping my viewership would have added to others and kept the show on the air. I know you can't bring the show back, but it nice to hold on to these warm memories. ABC Family, like Latnok, only cares about the money!!!! Please bring back this extraordinary show. Regardless of efforts from Nate to stop them out of spite. who was you"re favorite character? Thanx for all ur effort, on the webpages and everything else. While wandering the school, he solves an advanced math problem, and reads the entire encyclopedia. I've only just seen Kyle XY complete as we don't get any. :) From, Big Fan from the Uk, Jordan & Mum :).

We are now in RECESSION and well we THE AUDIENCE of ABC FAMILY and KYLE XY who includes 75 year old elderly people not just your teens up to age 40 something, would could use a MAJOR pick up in our spirits with the return of a series such as KYLE XY in his twenties. It's so disappointed to see a story without ending an I hope the show comes back as other wants. Kudos to them. The inocents of Kyle was something i truely loved.Season 3 was never shown on English telly, We forgot about the program as we never heard information of season 3 being on any tv show in the UKwe recently found dvds on ebay only this year when Kyle XY just popped into my memory, by the same time i got the box set i heard it had been cancelled. Its really awesome! I really want to thank the people that thought about the TV show KYLE XY. Just finished Kyle XY for the second time and am still outraged more than ever about the ending. its the best show they could have!!! The networks keep constantly spending money on countless TV series and movies that just don't work. One of my sons did this. if i have kyle's power?

I mean, yes, it will still need distributors and studios to approve, but then if the campaign would be successful, then(in my opinion) the people who want the series to return can raise enough funds to make it happen. 'Jersey Shore' has 2 spin offs and Kyle XY gets suddenly axed. I just finished the series on Netflix and was completely shocked and angry when I watched the last episode end with so many unanswered questions. A few years later I got in a place where I didn't need the second job and the desire to revised the series became overwhelming. Will I want to go to ABC and invest time in a quality program that will be canceled? Kyle Xy was an excellent series, had alot of information through the story lines, to keep me interested, and wondering what was going to be happening next, through the seasons.

Am from south africa,I love the show wth al ma heart...bring it back plz. I don't expect Disney to film a finally this long after the cancellation, but they could order books or comics to continue and conclude the story. Later, Kyle showed Jessi he did not have a bellybutton. wtf is: Kyle wouldn't end with either Jessie or Amanda?? Meanwhile, Kyle does not sleep for over a week--until he finally finds comfort in the bathtub.

So sad and annoyed.
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