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And speed causes expansion of bullets in a meat target. .45 ACP FMJ doesn’t normally make bad people flop to the ground instantaneously unless it hits the brain or spine–which is probably what happened, given his skills. She said she shot him. He sure has screwed us military retires over the last several years! I will never personally take a life if I have the chance to stop someone with a non lethal GSW. I carry a 9mm myself, and train to rapid fire. That’s my two cents for what it’s worth.

This is exactly what I said above. Regards Jim, Sorry for the typos are you speak to text because I can’t text like my child. So it’s all about what fits they individual and what they are comfortable and accurate with. Cpl. You simply could not find it in stores. Some people would recommend sticking to common self-defense handgun calibers (e.g. A 45acp will deliver more damage to a human body that a 9mm. JavaScript is disabled. If you hit your target, the hollow point is just as safe as a 9mm round. What I find more often than not is, in cases of 9mm shootings, unless it’s a head-shot or perfectly placed shot to the sternum, victims rarely drop where they’re shot and are often found blocks away from where the original shooting took place… police actually have to trace blood droppings back to their origin to find the initial crime scene. For our last round of ballistics performance comparisons, we picked the heaviest bullet we could find for either cartridge. I do like the capacity of the 9mm for in town carry and lighter weight than my Govt model 45s. For the same-weight-bullets comparison, we’re comparing bullets from the same ammo manufacturer, Buffalo Bore. And I’m not always concerned with concealing, Pistols are primarily used for close combat.

And receive our newsletter with the best articles covering guides, guns & gear. EVER! You and me both as I have a few in 9mm, .45, 10mm at least one each as single stack and all bases covered in double stack. Ben, enlightened folk like you (and myself) understand that politics is ALWAYS at play on some level!!

Blessed? I was in the military and was law enforcement. I was a PA-C in the military. Small, light, and more rugged than a lot plastic guns. 25 yard 1.5×2″ off hand 5 rnd groups on the nose. Both also have a 5-inch barrel. For the spray and pray that they teach nowadays the high cap 9mm is good. Points to consider when deciding between the 10mm vs .45 ACP: Cartridge application; Recoil sensitivity; Potential need for fast follow-up shots; Handgun size (.45 has more compact options) Average engagement range; Price per round (one is a bit more spendy than the other) However, the truth is that the weight and power simply slowed down their firing.

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