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Hence we are hard, we children of the earth, and in our lives of toil we prove our birth. 6 :

14. "From Aether and Terra [were born various abstractions] . 28 ff (trans. Its contents are as follows. So he interpreted, and Titania's [Pyrrha's] heart was warmed, but still hope wavered, such distrust oppressed them both; and yet what harm to try? ", Aeschylus, Prometheus Bound 211 ff : Look to him who looks down from above, to him, the guardian of mortals sore-distressed, who appeal to their neighbors, yet do not obtain the justice that is their right. 67. “I cannot force her into anything.” he said. A complete bibliography of the translations quoted on this page.

Isn’t it amazing how the ancient stories and myths have so many elements which ring true for us today. . Sandys) (Greek lyric C5th B.C.) Reblogged this on Judith Shaw – Life on the Edge and commented: Here’s my latest Celtic Goddess painting and story, published today on the Feminism and Religion blog.

20 ff (trans. I think one of my favorites is the story of Lyrr’s children whose sons were turned into swans by the ever present evil stepmother. : Pindar, Olympian Ode 8. : Aeschylus, Eumenides 1 ff (trans. I also recall in Ottfried Prossler’s “Krabat” a heroine who has to pick her lover out of a flock (ok, correct name is ‘murder”) of enchanted crows. 699 ff (trans. the earth-holder who shakes the earth, and reverend (aidoios) Themis and But for them did the wisdom of the immortal gods not grant this union should come to pass, when to their ears came the prophetic oracle. Be present, Goddess, to my prayer inclined, and bless thy consecration with favouring mind. I too have had that strange experience of something appearing in a painting. : x. Aeschylus, Prometheus Bound 206 ff (trans. "Chorus [of Suppliant Maidens] : Indeed, may Themis (Justice) [here equated with Dike], daughter of Zeus the Apportioner, Themis (Justice) who protects the suppliant, look upon our flight that it bring no mischief in its wake . Judith thank you for sharing this wonderful story, and for your lovely painting! 3 (trans. I know, it was the son of Kronos, your husband, frightened you.’ He called to Her   She must have wondered why he took so long to answer the call of his dreams. Unlike the word nomos, the term was not usually used to describe laws of human decree. Greek Lyric IV) (C5th B.C.) With Her help, open to receiving prophetic dreams. Homeric Hymn 8 to Ares 4 ff (trans. I’ve always loved them. For in their midst wise-counselled (euboulos) Themis told that it was ruled of fate that the sea-goddess should bring forth a son, of strength mightier than his father, whose hand should launch a shaft more powerful than the bolt of thunder or the fearsome trident, if she wed with Zeus or with his brothers. 5. Phallic god who protected from envy and the evil eye. ", Pindar, Olympian Ode 13. ad Eurip.

], Quote Of The Day: Wednesday, 04 November 2020, Fashion is a form of ugliness so intolerable that we have to alter it every six months. 135, 901, &c.; Apollod. From thee Phoibos' (Phoebus') [Apollon's] oracles arose, and from thy power his inspiration flows. Themis uttered several famous prophecies in her role as the oracular voice of earth.


699 ff (trans.

Weir Smyth) (Greek tragedy C5th B.C.) : Plato, Republic 379e - 380a (trans. : Euphorion of Chalcis, Fragments (trans. : Pindar, Olympian Ode 8. ", Diodorus Siculus, Library of History 5. preside still over the gods in their house, the feast's fair division. Mair) (Greek poet C3rd B.C.) Ethal Anbuail then spelled out Aengus’ only hope. ", Pindar, Olympian Ode 9. . ", For MYTHS of Themis as the assembler of the gods see : There are overtones of the ballet “Swan Lake”. Lattimore) (Greek epic C8th B.C.) Yes swans are found many places in Celtic mythology and literature. 121 (2b)) (Greek Epic C3rd B.C.) "She [the goddess Hebe] meant to swear not to bestow such gifts [the restoration of youth] on any man thereafter, but was stopped by Themis (Divine Law).

If she picks incorrectly, the wizard will kill her. . Philokhoros (Philochorus) says that it got its name because Themis went there, mounted on an ox (epi boos okhoumenen), during the flood of Deukalion (Deucalion)."

[From Caelum (Ouranos, Sky) and Terra (Gaia, Earth) were born ?] Themis, the myths tell us, was the first to introduce divinations and sacrifices and ordinances which concern the gods [piety], and to instruct men in the ways of obedience to laws and of peace [lawfulness]. Jones) (Greek travelogue C2nd A.D.) : to C1st A.D.) : 67. ", Pausanias, Description of Greece 5. (Schol. "Illustrious Themis . There is a sanctuary of Themis, with an image of white marble; adjoining it is a sanctuary of the Moirai (Moirae, Fates) [her daughters], while the third is of Zeus Agoraios (of the Market).

", For MORE descriptions of Themis as the goddess of divine law see: Eris (Strife) arrives while the gods are feasting at the marriage of Peleus and starts a dispute between Hera, Athena, and Aphrodite as to which of them is fairest."

When he heard this, Zeus gave you up though he still desired you. v. [2.1] PROMETHEUS (Aeschylus Prometheus 8 & 211 & 873), THEMIS (Themis). In Ireland Her name identified the homes of Goddesses and Gods, such as Caer Arianrhod, home to the Goddess Arianrhod. to C1st A.D.) : Nonnus, Dionysiaca 2. [N.B. Select Papyri III, No.

", Pseudo-Hyginus, Fabulae 183 : ", Ovid, Metamorphoses 4. Pindar, Pythian Ode 11. 5 ff : In Scotland and Wales Her name was used to name places such as Caer Edin (Edinburgh). 5.

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