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As Woody points out, Lotso's excuse has no justification for anything he did, because he lied to Big Baby over being upset that their owner replaced him, which was specifically the result of an accident, not because she didn't love him.

A young named Bonnie found Chuckles and took him home. But, this was only a ruse as he was later revealed to be a greedy, selfish, sadistic, and brutal control frea… Lotso found Sunnyside Daycare before abandoning Chuckles, who found his way back home. Buzz Lightyear (briefly), Ken (formerly), Big Baby (formerly), Stretch (formerly), Twitch (formerly), Chunk (formerly), Sparks (formerly), Bookworm (formerly), The Monkey (formerly) Ruling Sunnyside Daycare with an iron fist and making the toys there miserable.Slaving innocent toys.Bullying and abusing other toys.Telling lies.

Spot clean plush surface with a damp cloth.”. He is the only pure evil Pixar Villain to never kill anyone or even directly try kill someone. He is also the former boss of Ken, The Monkey and Big Baby. Allies Enemies Lotso acts as a foil to Woody. He turned Sunnyside Daycare into a depressing prison where he forces toys who are lower in the pecking order to be played with roughly by the younger kids, eventually causing them to break, at which point, they get sent to the dumpster, and are likely incinerated.

Lotso also has similarities to Mao Zedong because he turned his people against each other and put down those he believed to be rebels. He lies to Big Baby, and once everyone finds out about this because of Woody, he verbally abuses and even shoves Big Baby with his mallet. Afterwards, Lotso reveals his true evil personality when Buzz requests that he and his toys to not be in the Caterpillar Room anymore. However, after the children in that certain room started torturing Woody and his friends, Woody went towards his house, managing to escape the madhouse and find Andy. Thus, in a way, he got a good and a bad ending.

He and his henchmen stayed in the Butterfly Room where toys were played with nicely and imprisoned other toys in the Caterpillar room where toys are played with poorly and eventually broken.

Sticking to his cherished memories of the pink bear (as well as his strawberry scent), the garbage man decides to take him along and then straps him onto his truck.

He was once a good-hearted and friendly doll who got played with and was beloved by his owner, Daisy. Images and videos of the tyrannical teddy bear Lots-o'-Huggin' Bear from the 2010 Oscar winning Disney/Pixar movie Toy Story 3. Scar |

Potato Head), and shows absolutely no mercy for his victims and hostages. Lotso tries to coax the toys about Andy that doesn't wanted them anymore. Street Party • Mickey's Rainy Day Express • Mickey's Storybook Express • Paint The Night Parade • Pixar Play Parade • Tokyo Disneyland Electrical Parade: DreamLights

Eventually, Lotso, Big Baby, and Chuckles came across Sunnyside Daycare and Lotso took it over and turned it into a prison. The other toys meanwhile complained to Lotso and Lotso revealed his true nature, as he changed Buzz's settings back to a space ranger, and he pretended to be an ally of the forces from out of space, so that Buzz would imprison Andy's toys for betraying the universe. Coincidentally, the music that played during Lotso's defeat was the same music heard during Stinky Pete's defeat.

He even deemed love as a complete illusion, and while he played up his affable image as the ruler of Sunnyside, he developed near fatalists tendencies as he stated that all toys were ultimately made to be thrown away and there was no salvation for them. The Chatter Telephone reveals all of Lotso's security systems, revealing that a cymbal-banging monkey toy watches all the security cameras and that the outside is always guarded by truck toys.

However, he refuses to listen to Buzz's plea to move his friends with him, thinking the Caterpillar Room needs toys for toddlers to play with, which makes Buzz instantly refuse his offer. However they are saved by the Aliens with a giant claw. According to Chuckles, Lotso was originally a teddy bear owned by a girl named Daisy. He even went so far as to "promise" the toys that different kids at the daycare center would continue to play with them and that they would never feel unloved or rejected. Likes Potato Head being put in "The Box" after talking back to him. Lotso's fate of having to live on a truck's grille mirrored Stinky Pete ending up in a backpack, although Stinky Pete's was happier in a sense, now being owned by Amy. He is unwilling to abandon his friends because they "stay together as a family". Christmas: A Totally Tomorrowland Christmas • Disney Christmas Stories • Disney Dreams! In this version, his fate is revealed and seen. But he definitely deserved being stuck to the front of the truck. The gang's primary objective was to keep the toys locked up at the daycare and to prevent them from escaping at all costs, and, in some cases, possibly beat the toys that try to resist, oppose, and help other toys escape, as in the cases of Chuckles the Clown and Chatter Telephone.

Ernesto de la Cruz | Anger, malice, hypocrisy and sadism are the most definitive features in Lotso.

Origin Alias Woody then reminds Lotso of his old life with his former owner Daisy, rightfully telling him that her losing and replacing him does not justify his actions.

Dance and Play It!

This makes Lotso signal to Stretch to push the toys into a dumpster, thinking that disposing of them as the trash will be better anyway. Deleted characters: Shakes • Señorita Cactus, Other Disney Animation Villains: Pete • Big Bad Wolf • Lonesome Ghosts • Mortimer Mouse • Honest John • Gideon • Stromboli • Monstro • Chernabog • Pink Elephants • Ringmaster • The Headless Horseman • Lady Tremaine • Anastasia Tremaine • Drizella Tremaine • Lucifer • Cheshire Cat • Mr. Smee • Si and Am • Diablo • Jasper and Horace • Madam Mim • Kaa • Shere Khan • Edgar Balthazar • Prince John • Sir Hiss • Sheriff of Nottingham • Heffalumps • Woozles • Madame Medusa • Mr. Snoops • Brutus and Nero • Amos Slade • Horned King • Professor Ratigan • Felicia • Sykes • Flotsam and Jetsam • Percival C. McLeach • Iago • Shenzi, Banzai, and Ed • Governor Ratcliffe • Claude Frollo • Pain and Panic • Fates • Shan Yu • Clayton • Sabor • Yzma • Captain Gantu • Bowler Hat Guy • Doris • Lawrence • Mother Gothel • The Stabbington Brothers • King Candy • Sour Bill • Hans • Duke of Weselton • Yokai • Bellwether • Tamatoa • King Runeard Refusing to give up, Lotso, followed by Chuckles and Big Baby, headed off into the wilderness and finally returned to Daisy's house, only to discover that Daisy had acquired another Lots-o'-Huggin' Bear toy, leaving Lotso heartbroken and feeling betrayed. The Lion Guard: Kion • Ono • Bunga • Beshte • Fuli

Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Blackbeard | Animated Features At the climax of the film, all the gang members were sho…

However, one day when she took Chuckles, Lotso, and Big Babyon a picnic, she fell asleep and her parents took her home while leaving her toys behind by accident.

Goal Benito Mussolini He also has an appearance in the Ninetedo DS version. Lotso is also shown to be a coward, as when he begs Big Baby to wait after Big Baby throws him to the dumpster, finally having enough of his cruelty.

Lotso's later knowledge of Woody and his friends' escaping in the first place is not revealed, but it is likely that the, An advertisement for a Lotso bear appears in Tokyo in, He was originally supposed to appear in the first film, but the technology needed to create his fur had not existed until the third film. Unlike Lotso, Gabby Gabby is shown to be far less cruel. Occupation In 2012, the Disney Store released a talking plush toy of Lotso with a talking Woody doll. Lotso offers Woody and his friends to come back to The Caterpillar room, as he needs more toys there, and adds that if not, they will be destroyed by the dumpster and put into a truck as they break to pieces.

Gruzzlebeard (The Secret World of Santa Claus), https://super-villain.fandom.com/wiki/Lots-O%27_Huggin%27_Bear?oldid=23466. Near the end of the film, he could have had the chance to save Woody and the gang from the incinerator and thus redeem himself. Test audiences who had sympathized with Lotso due to his backstory wanted him to push the button in the incinerator scene to redeem himself, but according to the DVD commentary, director Lee Unkrich explained that Lotso chose not to save the other toys so that audiences who had gotten to know them for three films could care about them, even more, when it looked like the end just before the aliens rescued them with the claw, so Lotso's redemption was dropped.
He thinks that Daisy betrayed him, Big Baby, and Chuckles while she actually only replaced Lotso with a duplicate toy (which is the reason for Lotso's evil nature). Lotso's defeat is fitting because it has given him two things he had been asking for: First, the true meaning of love, which he got from the garbage man, who remembered having a Lots-o'-Huggin' Bear toy as a kid. https://true-villains.fandom.com/wiki/Lots-o%27-Huggin%27_Bear?oldid=4576. Chick Hicks | Ronald Tompkins | Lotso at first acts nice to Andy's toys, and humbly gives them a tour of Sunnyside.

Inside Out: Joy • Sadness • Anger • Disgust • Fear • Bing Bong Allies Frozen: Anna • Elsa • Olaf • Kristoff • Sven • Hans • Snowgies • Bruni While Lotso and Big Baby ruled Sunnyside, Chuckles refused to be involved.

Animated Movies

""Where's your kid now, Sheriff?"
Pete's Dragon: Elliott Those feelings traumatized Lotso and it made him turn evil, causing him to develop a more negative point of view about being a toy, and he forcibly ordered Chuckles and Big Baby to leave Daisy and follow him. He uses a toy wooden mallet as a makeshift cane (despite the fact he can walk without it, so he most likely uses it to make people think he is disabled). Lotso was based on Russian Communist dictator, Joseph Stalin who like Lotso postured as a benevolent friend of the people whilst actually being a cruel, oppressive tyrant. Buzz Lightyear of Star Command Villains |

To rule over Sunnyside Daycare and prevent toys from escaping it and to destroy Andy's toys mercilessly Meanwhile, the hypnotized Buzz Lightyear locks up Woody's friends so they could suffer like all the other toys. Lots-O' Huggin' Bear, more commonly known as Lotso, is the main antagonist of the Disney/Pixar film Toy Story 3. It is likely that by the time they went back to where they left Lotso, he was already on his way home.

Woody returns to Sunnyside to rescue his friends by going into Bonnie's backpack, but then a Chatter Telephone toy tells Woody that he shouldn't have come back because escape is virtually impossible. Other Villains: Br'er Fox • Br'er Bear • Oogie Boogie • Winifred Sanderson • Mary Sanderson • Sarah Sanderson • Dr. Hämsterviel • Queen Narissa • Wicked Witch of the West • Ripslinger • Hitchhiking Ghosts, Video Games: Disney Villains Challenge • Disney's Villains' Revenge
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