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Kalin Kessler is a pretty tragic character, initially being nothing like he would become. Kind of the Griffith from Berserk of the series, Seto Kaiba is a commonly featured character, and sometimes not even a villain, but his cold, calculating, and ruthless nature have a lot to add to why he's a Capricorn. It requires three monsters on the field; a Zodiac Dragon and two Zodiac Astro Fusion Monsters. franchise are probably no stranger to mystical ideas like Tarot or Astrology, so let's take a look at how some of the main characters from the show correlate to their sign counterparts. No Comments on yugioh zodiac signs Libra is one of the more peaceful zodiacs, hating conflict, to the point that they will go to great lengths to avoid it. Describe a Water Sign. Which side character from Yu-Gi-Oh are you based on your zodiac sign? RELATED: The Zodiac Signs Of Naruto Characters. Also, many of their effects revolve around banishing, so cards like Imperial Iron Wall or Necrovalley pose a serious threat to this deck. He's pretty hotheaded (although not quite so much as a few others on this list) and while he might not always be the best person for the job as evidenced by his lack of skill at card games, he'll still get it done.

However, he’s stated to be 72 (during the events of the first arc is my assumption), which would imply that Duelist Kingdom somehow took place in 1989?! However, I do still have a strong interest in astrology, tarot, and of course, Yu-Gi-Oh! Zodiac monsters above Level Four are all Beast-Warriors, with the exception of Zodiac Dragon and Zodiac Astral King Drakon. What Manga Should You Read Depending On Your Zodiac Sign? If we stick with the theory of the cast being born in 1980/1981 (speculative; in Vol. He was born July 7th, which means he started primary school when he was 7, rather than 6.

RELATED: What Manga Should You Read Depending On Your Zodiac Sign? It is also unknown what the gap is between the major arcs (Duelist Kingdom to Battle City, Battle City to the Dark TRPG); this also affects people’s possible ages, because it could have been a few months up to nearly a year. characters and their relationship with their astrological sign, blood type, and so forth.

This list represents my most current collection of books and websites: Link back to Darkness Rising on your Yu-Gi-Oh!

Forbidden Memories, based on the Alignments featured in other games. London, England: Dorling Kindersley, Ltd.

In addition, the deck's main weakness may in fact also be its greatest strength; Zodiac Dragon.

Like many manga-ka, Takahashi probably thought of Yu-Gi-Oh taking place in real-time, even if that wasn’t the least bit possible (since when do duels take several months?). ... YuGiOh x Reader Oneshots/Preferences . Evilswarm monsters tend to focus on destruction, while Zodiacs seem to play more passively. Describe an Earth Sign.

They have 3 grades, 1st year, 2nd year, and 3rd year, equivalent to 10th, 11th, and 12th grades respectively at other high schools. It goes in order. Joey Wheeler is almost the archetypal anime protagonist's best friend, being pretty similar to someone like Ryuji from Persona 5. The only clue we have is the difference between his age and Seto’s, and I’ve seen both 5 years and 6 years. Thank you for supporting Darkness Rising! New York, NY: Atria Books. Each of those 3 signs is grouped together in the decan chart. The year in which the main characters begin their journey is never explicitly stated, but the Yu-Gi-Oh manga first appeared in Japan in 1996. Gordon, R., & Stieglitz, N., eds. The ace card of this archetype was originally Zodiac Dragon, a Level 8 monster that can be Special Summoned when 11 Zodiacs with different names are in the Graveyard. It makes sense for “last appearance” for the main cast members (Yuugi, Jounouchi, Honda, Anzu, Kaiba), and “first appearance” for everyone else.

Solomon Muto is through and through a Pisces since it can be seen in Astrology that Pisces is the final sign, meaning that it's already been on the journey that all of the signs are undergoing, carrying within them great knowledge.

The Zodiac Astros and Astral King are all LIGHT monsters, presumably as a homage to their celestial roots. It relies on the effect of Zodiac Horse or something similar to protect it from the backrow. . The series garnered a decent amount of interest, and I added additional features relating to the Chinese Zodiac, Michele Bernhardt’s “Colorstrology” and “Mystical Cards.” Unfortunately, life got in the way of me finishing the series, and I am no longer active on LiveJournal. When she's a friend, she's careful and reserved, but she's definitely wise beyond her years.

(2002). Yu-Gi-Oh!

If all the major characters were in the same grade by Battle City, then the tournament had to have taken place on or after April 1st, 1997. The same holds true for the Yu-Gi-Oh characters, even though we don’t know their birth times. Feel free to contribute your own information, as I may be lacking info or simply lacking the time/resources to add it! RELATED: The Zodiac Signs Of Naruto Characters. Throughout my research, I used a number of resources to improve my analysis of the Yu-Gi-Oh! Tea Gardner, a good friend to both Yugi and Joey, is a Sagittarius for a few reasons. Zodiac monsters below Level Four are all Beast-type, with the exception of Zodiac Rooster and Zodiac Snake. OR . The archetype is based off of the twelve animals in the Chinese Zodiac, with the Fusion Monsters being based off of the Traditional Zodiac signs.

She's the target of the affections of a few of the characters in the show, making for more than just a few rivalries.

But since Taurus is a grounded earth sign, it also makes a lot of sense that she jumps in to help when her friends are threatened. That year works, but only if you assume that Sugoroku’s age should be calculated from the manga’s first publication date and that the manga intended to be vague about exactly when Sugoroku found the Puzzle (the 1960s vs. a specific, stated year). While he seems to be 100% devoted to his brother at all times, (and he is) after a while in Duel Monsters, we find out that he's just completely okay with being friendly with our protagonists after they rescue him. It is not known whether the characters are all the same age during Battle City, but that dating helps us figure out the approximate birth dates of the other characters… sort of. Not only that but eventually, he started to duel anyone he could get his hands on. If you want to use the manga start date as concrete proof, they would have been born in 1980-1981. Sign up with Facebook Sign up with Google. Nevertheless, after defeating Kalen Young and qualifying for the Gladiator's Tournament, he is ranked as the 6th strongest duelist in the world. For that reason, I hope to bring the original articles to a wider, new audience and complete it once and for all. This is also why technology like cell phones was seen in Battle City (by the early 2000s, it would make some sense to have such technology), but why it doesn’t fit if you assume the birth dates of the characters are as they appear above. I include Otogi’s age and birthday even though he wasn’t involved in Duelist Kingdom, because he’s the same age as them, and was, for a short while, in the same class as Yuugi and Co.). The majority of the cast (save Mai, Isis, and a select few other characters of varying or unstated ages) would be born in the year of the Monkey. Both are considered Anti-Meta, but the difference between the two is the nature of the monster's effects. The Zodiacs are an archetype that have no real "focus"; in this regard, they have been compared to the much more popular Evilswarm archetype. Duel Monsters and related marks are © Kazuki Takahashi, Toei, Nihon Ad Systems, Shonen Jump, Viz Media, 4K Media, Konami, and related entities. Miho is a fun character. It is very rare to see this monster summoned, but when it is, chances are high that the duel will quickly be over. RELATED: DC: Which Sidekick Are You, Based On Your Zodiac? Make sense?

She's also had a pretty troubled past. RELATED: What Romance Anime Should You Watch Depending On Your Zodiac Sign? https://ycm.fandom.com/wiki/Zodiac_(archetype)?oldid=180509, These cards share an interesting amount of similarities with Jaden Yuki's Neo-Spacian series, They both were created as "real" cards after their creators (Alex Romeo and Jaden Yuki, respectably) won a card-creating competition, They both involve space somehow (The Zodiacs are a series of constellations in space, whereas the Neo-Spacians actually originate from there). In the latest edition of the character guidebook (the Millennium Book), Sugoroku Mutou is stated to be 43 years old during the “flashback” chapter that kicks off the final arc of the manga. There's the fact that she has a pretty athletic nature which is a big part of it, but she definitely has to have a sense of wanderlust if she accompanies the boys on their adventure. Yu-Gi-Oh Card Maker Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. (This assumes that Japanese high schools cut-off entrance the same way their primary schools do, and on the same day).

(Japanese law says that you age one year on the day BEFORE your birthday, hence the subtraction of 2 days from Otogi and Honda’s birthdays. A Guardian Star is a Monster Card property in Yu-Gi-Oh! No infringement is intended.

Mokuba Kaiba is definitely the Gemini in this list. Duke Devlin is definitely a Leo, having been trained from childhood to be a card game prodigy by his father, who most fans probably know by the name of Mr. Clown. While he's protective, caring, and loyal, he's also moody and unstable. Depending on which iteration of the character we're looking at, we can see more or less pretty Virgo-like traits. Not only that, but it's also obvious that Dark Bakura is almost always scheming from behind the scenes for his own gain, while the audience is left to wonder what his actual plans are for the world. They are all somewhat related to the specific Zodiac monster used as Fusion Material; for instance, Zodiac Astro Leon is related to Zodiac Tiger in that their effects are vaguely similar. Describe an Air Sign.

After a while though, he went power-crazy and tried his best to stick his nose anywhere he could, in the hopes that he could protect all he'd built up. NEXT: Which Dororo Character Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign. The main strategy for this deck is to summon a Juunishishi to the field, preferably Molmorat or ThoroughBlade and then start spamming the Juunishishi Xyzs by Xyz summon (Wich lets you summon two copies of the same one per turn) or by \”Rank-up\”. Your birthday sign through time: A chronicle of the forces that shape your destiny. While it's obvious that someone like the title character would probably be a total Gemini, some of the other characters are a little more difficult to place, because even though they might not be as rich as the main character, there's a bit more to them than just the whole dual personality gimmick that Yugi has. The series spawned from this LiveJournal post (originally about Mai, but turned into a brief discussion on characters with birthdays on cusps). 10 Anime Characters Who Are A Better Match Hinata Than Naruto, Yu-Gi-Oh! Back in 2006, I began work on a series of articles for the LiveJournal community playthedamncard that examined individual characters’ connections to their astrology sign, blood type, and more. This list represents my most current collection of books and websites: https://cafeastrology.com/fortunetellingcards.html, http://www.esri.go.jp/jp/archive/e_dis/e_dis170/e_dis162.pdf, http://www.asktheastrologers.com/whats-my-rising-sign/, http://astrology.findyourfate.com/astrology-ascendant.htm, http://www.bellaonline.com/articles/art22988.asp, 1st Grade (Year 1 of Primary/Elementary School in Japan), 6th Grade (last year of Primary/Elementary School in Japan), 9th Grade (last year of Middle School/Junior High in Japan), 12th Grade (last year of High School in Japan). Most of the Zodiac cards are either Beasts or Beast Warriors, but there are a few exceptions. Get notified when Yugioh: Zodiac Signs is updated. There's also the fact that he invented the card game, in the same way, that an Aquarius pours out their emotional water into real-world manifestations.

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