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It was only after science had progressed when it was discovered there was electricity in space. Even the touch and influence of the parent tends to make the child more like the parent and it begins to breathe also like the parent.

In man even the skin is in a sense a breathing organ.

Sufis teach that all the esoteric schools make use of both breath and rhythm. In the mystical training this awareness becomes more important and the seer avails himself therefore to interpret many phenomena. Thus we find the Eagle, or bird of the air, as a sacred animal in many parts of the world and it is also of concern to astrologers and other occult students. Indeed! The breath has its particular work in every center. People often need long-term care when they have a serious, ongoing health condition or disability. What is the Holy Spirit? But the development of the finer faculties is not necessarily a portion of spiritual unfoldment though no doubt a spiritual person may see or sense more than other people. It has the unlimited potentiality of accommodation. It carries all the blessings, which is to say, all the magnetisms. Each of these, the physical and psychic, may be independent of the other and yet they may be related and even form a continuum. The intuitive faculty (Kashf) never misleads and in the development of it many problems may be solved. Whereas sharia relates to the actions that we take to show this love and dedication.

Changes of religions and philosophy do not seem to affect the death rate much; changes of breathing, learning how to breathe correctly promotes longevity and good health. This exercise is a breathing exercise and its method is as follows: Take … Thus I created all the creatures for my recognition (only)”. Under guidance disciples receive help in how and where to breathe. Every breath brings the power of the space, part as pure power and also as healing power by which one can benefit oneself and others. TASAWWUF: The complete work in Sufic Ryazat or Esotericism, is connected with this in some form.

According to the point of view of the mystic a natural full breath gives perfect health, and to a mystic’s view in a hundred people not one breathes rightly. It is possible that they draw their nitrogenous substance direct from the air they are breathing. Scriptures tell us how to distinguish between obsessions and thought-forms and this can also be done by using the breath together with suitable sacred phrases. Without them one is always in places where noxious gases more readily accumulate along with dust and dirt. If a scientist has to be objective in his researches, the mystic must be even more impersonal to help himself and others to bring about a greater degree of God-realization. These arise out of our very instincts. They often add fear to the possibilities of partaking of wrong foods. In the esoteric school all emphasis is on the actual attainment. TASAWWUF: The symbology of different peoples often show similarities, for the cosmic journey, in the end, is one and the same, though the highways may seem different. What references do we get about Oath of Allegiance (Bayat) from Quran and Sunnah?

When a teacher gives a breathing exercise to his pupil often he does not mean the breathing itself but rhythm. Wisdom is not ancient, it is Eternal. In the science of Irfan and by other means the disciple learns to place his breath in any and every part of the physical organism, or to send the breath-energy to any and every part of the organism. There is even in the Hindu teachings what is called pranamayakosh, a breath-accommodation which is for such phenomena, and when one is advanced and can see in the breath and through the brain, often the barriers between the worlds disappear. This indicates that the ocean-of air may itself be alive and provide both the life-substance and the life-energy for the flesh of man. It is also the hi-way of God to man and through man. It is natural, therefore, that every sense must become powerful and keen if the breath be developed and purified. GATHA: Powers that are considered supernatural become natural when man leads a natural life. It is a certain direction that the breath takes that brings about sleep, and it is the direction of the breath that brings about fatigue. The ocean water carries some air dissolved in it and many fish and shell fish and other animals and plants depend upon this dissolved air for breathing and the energies of life carried by breath (or oxygen). The operations are not too different from those in the Sufic esotericism excepting that the Names of God are different and the subsidiary practices come from a different tradition with different names.

Moreover, they always mislead us from Allah and distracting us to commit sins. All rights reserved. It is this rhythm and divine remembrance which brings the child magnetisms of the Prana which are of the great benefit in life. Free Apps. Therefore, the main purpose behind the creation of man and the essence of all the prayers is His recognition. However, one can get the desired effects only if a perfect spiritual guide grants this invocation. The prayer, Nayaz, is generally given to disciples after Bayat.

There is an attribute of God which can bring man toward perfection in whatsoever line it is necessary for him. Tap below to read more: Indeed! Therefore the disciples of mysticism are taught the meaning of breath, how to control it, even analyze it, but for the purpose of the fulfillment of life’s purpose, not to garner more intellectual knowledge. The mystics of all ages seem to have known and practiced this. Can someone from the Naqshbandi Order (Owaisi) please explain a bit about the Pas Anfas method? Physiologists know that certain rhythms are necessary for health. In the lessons of Mysticism there are discrete teachings and discrete disciplines and when one learns the significance and behavior pattern of Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether, their interrelations, their combinations, their being present and their being absent, all can become clear even from the mental point of view. Similarly, invocation by breathing gives strength to soul. A Decrease font size. When man lives in nature, in the wide open spaces, in the desert or among the trees or near or on the sea, there is no pollution of the atmosphere. Through him, many devotees have found Allah. Others confuse complexities with the depths of wisdom. Goodness as such is usually vanity. Breath is visible and at the same time invisible.

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