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but is that real of not. The dumbest game in the world, of course, consumes a lot of space. He recently opened up to his stream and let it all out. Fortnite consists of 2 modes: Battle Royale + Main Fortnite Files weigh 50 GB; PvE “Save the world” mode weighs 7 GB; An explanation is needed here, the PvE mode itself weighs 7 GB, but the PvE cannot be installed without the main files. WIndows 10 taking up 80GB? Fortnite Battle Royale © 2020. Po. why is my fortnite 80gb.

So I installed Windows 10 onto the SSD and looked at my SSD to see that I only have 17.5GB of 36.5GB of space left.

Su. First-person camera would have been used and might have made this PUBG ripoff game better. 1 year ago. How much storage space does fortnite take up? He recently opened up to his stream and let it all out.

like 80gb for a cartoon game.

Fortnite can't open? Bricks reward posters, commenters, and moderators for their contributions to the subreddit. Press J to jump to the feed. TECH SUPPORT. Sunshinecut. i am cleaning up my laptop and i see that my fortnite is 80gb bigg. Application has crashed and will close now.we apologize for the inconvenience.HOW TO FIX?

Last modified July 10, 2019, Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4 Week 2 Challenges guide, Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3 Week 10 challenges guide, Fortnite spaceship “Astro-not” challenge guide – 14000 XP, Fortnite Reboot Vans – all spawn locations. It is in Third-person; It’s one of the laggiest games ever and uses the third-person shooter.

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Tfue hasn't played Fortnite consistently in a while, and now we know why. Sunshinecut. Su. It also has lots of bugs and glitches, especially for players who spend hours playing it. i am cleaning up my laptop and i see that my fortnite is 80gb bigg. Log in or sign up to leave a comment log in sign up. hi.

Su. That is why it is necessary to summarize the “Save the world” and the main files and we get 57 GB. Posts : 3. Fortnite (download) takes up much more space than normal? best. See Terms of Use, Privacy Policy.

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Better uninstall. but is that real of not. Sort by.

Better uninstall, But I do not want to hear opinions but it only makes the people who can't play it fun people who always go out with up to 20kills and a win which makes it fun, Meanwhile Fortnite consumes I think 60GB or something in the direction, Vlt. it just sucks your storage away.

They are distributed monthly and used to weight your vote on polls. By Alex Tsiaoussidis - Published on August 07, 2020 1 year ago. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. and if it is real how do i completely delete fortnite and reinstall it.


but how, fortnite is bigger on pc then on consoles.

1 year ago. Das Spiel hat 75GB benötigt, nach dem neuinstallieren 80GB, jetzt kann ich es nichtmal wie vorher mit Lags spielen da ich es nichtmal runterladen kann :/ Meine SSD hat leider nur 111GB und ist mit Windows, Chrome und co. komplett überfüllt (1,3GB übrig).

WIndows 10 taking up 80GB? Its a 120GB SSD and nothing but the OS and google chrome … All trademarks and brands are the property of their respective owners.

1 year ago. Hey Fortnite community, Recent events are a heavy reminder of ongoing injustices in society, from the denial of basic human rights to the impact of racism both overt and subtle against people of color. If you install in the epic store fortnite it should be the latest version, and be about 30-40gb in size. 81% Upvoted.

The developer supported, community run subreddit dedicated to the Fortnite: Battle Royale game mode by Epic Games. so i have googled and i see that fortnite is around 20gb big.

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yea but is it really that big. Todora. Es ist doch nicht normal das Fortnite 80GB benötigt, oder? Windows 10 New 07 Oct 2015 #1.


Error “Game Security Violation Detected #00000001, #00000006” – How to fix? even if you do reinstall at first it be will around 40GB but then like two days later it returns to 80GB believe me ive tried it, i have seen a earlier post that you need to remove the log files. It is normal white 20-30gb .

Check out the top 10 reasons why Fortnite sucks below.

Do these specifications work for Fortnite PC. It's not real cuz pc has higher textures etc.

Epic Games Launcher doesn't start (MD DL)? Wonder me just why it suddenly indicates that it needs more. and if it is real how do i completely delete fortnite and reinstall it. Just uninstall epic launcher again, then install. © 2020 refortnite.com.

We're acutely aware of the pain our friends, families, team members, players, and communities are experiencing. Was not listed at the beginning of the whole file from the update or you have 2 updates before you. That's why so many people do not play Fortnite.

I'm currently installing Fortnite but it will display it takes another 20 gigabytes and after that it will display 40 gigabytes and then it will be 70 more and more I've tried reinstalling everything and EpicSupport can't help either, That's why so many people do not play Fortnite, Wonder me just why it suddenly indicates that it needs more, The dumbest game in the world, of course, consumes a lot of space. so i have googled and i see that fortnite is around 20gb big.

So, I decided to upgrade my HDD to a small SSD because I have all my music videos and documents on my NAS.

I get an eror message? 5 comments. save hide report. How To Unlock Singularity’s Skin Styles Fortnite (Cuddle, Drift, Durr, Pizza, Rex), Battle Royale + Main Fortnite Files weigh.

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