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Take a look at the 2017 VCAA exam to see this kind of technique, as the author’s arguments - that ‘superfluous packaging’ will cause irreversible environmental damage, that the changes they want to implement are easy, and that students should prepare their own snacks rather than have takeaway - get less developed as the article continues. The contention can also be repeated throughout the article.

… Stasiland: Stasiland itself is comprised of the stories of human lives, and includes various individuals' tenacity, strength and courage to their vices, cruelty and cowardice. Use the plan you have constructed and stick to it.

Audience                       Who is the writing appealing to? Well, I’m going to share some handy tips you can adopt while annotating a novel that will hopefully help you achieve this. The placement of a rebuttal towards the end of the article can have the effect of the author confirming that their opinion is correct by demonstrating why opposing opinions are not, and can give a sense of finality to the article.

So with that in mind, as an audience, we are more inclined to like him and to value his opinion because he has directly been impacted as a result. it is not easy to read for your teachers to mark, then please do something about it well before the exams in October-November. Ishiguro gives voice to the clones; the “poor creatures” who otherwise possessed no voice or recognised humanity in this world, and no purpose apart from their utility as organ donors. In the worse case, you'll misinterpret what the author is arguing and this will subsequently mean that your analysis will be incorrect. McCandless expands on this point, commenting that his pursuit for self-discovery has ultimately resulted in ‘the killing of the false being within’, the ‘false being’ that was bound to the societal expectations and the material conventions of the time.

If this is something that's taken away from the person, but a Medi-Info Card could help relieve them of that, then maybe they should do it, maybe we should stop advocating for MI cards.

It is very much an activity for yourself, because it allows you to become an active reader – where you are engaged in thinking about the plot, themes, characters etc. Instead he ‘farmed out to foster parents who, realising what a nut case they had on their hands, put him back, quick smart’ [pg 76]. Some of these you may have already heard of before and you might even have a preference as to which one you will use. She has a violent relationship with Doug, as she is always ordering him to ‘go burn a cat.’ She is overprotective of Lewis, with whom she has a crush.

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