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339 Science II Forests and Trees of the Adirondack High Peaks Region (Adirondack Mountain Club, 1996), pp. The tree is a caterpillar host for the Canadian Tiger Swallowtail, White Admiral, and Modest Sphinx. Rapid height growth of suckers allows it to outcompete other sprouting species such as red oak (Quercus rubra) and red maple (Acer rubrum) on many sites. The Bigtooth Aspen is a fast growing, medium sized poplar.

New York State. The bark often has an orange cast.

Seed Stratification: Seeds disperse in the spring and immediately germinate.

Bigtooth aspen in a fast growing, medium sized tree noted for its toothed leaves.

Nonetheless, Big-Toothed Aspen can rapidly spread after a wildfire because clonal trees soon develop from underground runners.

Roots are shallow and wide spreading; lateral root growth in a forest may be as far as 60 feet (18 m). Bigtooth and quaking aspens frequently dominated the postdisturbance forests. Although widely distributed in Ohio, it is more common in the northern part of the state. Online Conservation Guide for Pitch Pine-Heath Barrens, Silvical Characteristics of Bigtooth Aspen (, Lake Colby Railroad Tracks (Saranac Lake), Jackrabbit Trail at River Road (Lake Placid), White-tailed Deer (Odocoileus virginianus), List of Adirondack Amphibians and Reptiles. Retrieved 19 April 2016.  Online Conservation Guide for Pitch Pine-Heath Barrens.  Retrieved 6 March 2017. Peter J. Marchand. Nature Guide to the Northern Forest. As the name implies, the leaves of this Aspen display larger "teeth" along their margins.

The seed, buds and catkins are utilized by many birds including quail and grouse; the inner bark is a favorite food of beaver.

Aspens are important browse for a variety of game animals. Facts. The bark is thin, smooth, and whitish when young and develops thick ridges and diamond shaped lenticels as the tree ages. The inner bark reportedly can be dried, ground into a powder, and used as a thickener in soups. Stan Tekiela. Trees of New York. 90 0 obj <>stream The depth to the water table is generally about 5 feet (1.5 m). Leaves are typically 3-4” long, and have coarse, toothed margins.

It is used primarily for pulp, but can be used to make particle board and structural panels. Butterflies and Moths of North America. Canadian Tiger Swallowtail, White Admiral, Modest Sphinx. Bigtooth aspens can be attacked by the fungus Entoleuca mammata, which causes the hypoxylon canker. Disjunct populations are found in Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina, and South Carolina.[4]. File Size. Populus grandidentata Michx. [3] Generally, four to five lateral roots originate from the tree, and then branch within 2 feet (60 cm); vertical, penetrating roots near the base anchor the tree. Aspen – the bark is greenish white and smooth. Bigtooth Aspen is a host to many kinds of insects. A tour of trees on the University of Minnesota Campus, Banner Photo Credit: Darren Kirby CC by SA 2.0, Family: SaliaceaeLatin Name: Populus grandidentataCommon Name(s): Bigtooth AspenDeciduous or Evergreen: DeciduousNative Range: Northeastern United StatesUSDA Hardiness Zone: 1-6Mature Height: 30-60’Mature Spread: 20-30’Bloom Time: May-JuneNative to Minnesota: YesShade Tolerant: No.

However, the leaves of the Bigtooth Aspen are larger than those of Quaking Aspen and have much larger teeth. Aspen provides the basic habitat for this bird over much of its range. 211,322-323. Illinois Wildflowers. Big-Tooth Aspen. Like most aspens, it reproduces rapidly from root suckers, forming dense stands when cut or harvested. The ambrosia beetle (Xyleborus saxesceni) attacks fire-damaged bigtooth aspens. It grows and spreads rapidly through abundant suckers, and is thus a useful species for colonizing newly-logged sites and sheltering slower-growing tree species. 300-301. Rapid height growth of suckers allows it to o… The caterpillars of the Virgin Moth and other moths also feed on these trees. It is also known as Largetooth Aspen, Poplar, or Popple. Site Requirements: Native to North America, aspen trees grow naturally in moist sites and full sun. New York Flora Association.  New York Flora Atlas. When they first open in the spring, they are covered by dense whitish hairs, so the trees are very easy to identify at that time. Bigtooth Aspen.  Retrieved 7 March 2017.

Native American Ethnobotany.

The forest tent caterpillar, large aspen tortrix, and poplar borer are common insect pests. E. H. Ketchledge. At the base of old trees, it is dark and divided into broad, irregu-lar, flat ridges. Adirondack Park Agency. Winter buds are 3/16 to 1/4 inch long, slightly divergent from the twig, each with its lowest bud scale centered over the leaf scar. Retrieved 19 April 2016. Height: Mature size varies with species, ranging from 50 feet to 100 feet. Bruce Kershner, et al. National Wildlife Federation Field Guide to Trees of North America (New York: Sterling Publishing Co., 2008), p. 398. The bark can be pelletized for cattle feed and fuel. Gordon W. Gullion and Franklin J. Svoboda.

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It prefers soils which are well drained, yet moist, although it will grow on a variety of soils from moist bottomlands to rock outcrops or even heavy clay soils. %PDF-1.6 %���� Bigtooth aspens produce seeds from wind-pollinated flower clusters, known as catkins.

Keys to differentiating Bigtooth Aspen from Quaking Aspen include its leaves, bark, and growth habit. Trees of Wisconsin. Populus grandidentata. Retrieved 21 April 2016. Bigtooth aspen (Populus grandidentata), also known as largetooth aspen, poplar, or popple, is native to the northeastern two thirds of Iowa, from the Des Moines River drainage system and as far west as the Little Sioux River in Clay County. Bigtooth Aspen leaves emerge from the bud about ten days later than those of the Quaking Aspen. Bigtooth aspen bark is smooth and a gray-white on the immature trees, crisscrossed with black bands. Ames, IA 50011, Iowa State University | PoliciesState & National Extension Partners. The capsules are light green in color, a little curved, slightly hairy and split into small, fluffy, cottony seeds. Like Quaking Aspen, Bigtooth Aspen leaves have a flat stalk that causes the leaves to flutter in the wind, but its leaves are also more egg shaped with large, blunt teeth. �=V���h "� H10K�c � `�b�c`���x�{o���}�a��ΰ��'�;|f�uS��Q-H��A�Ao�-�̚{Az��*@� �5� %%EOF Often what appears to be a large group of individual trees are root sprouts from a single seedling or tree. Populus grandidentata, commonly called large-tooth aspen, big-tooth aspen, American aspen,[1] Canadian poplar,[1] or white poplar,[1] is a deciduous tree native to eastern North America. Its bark is similar as well but it stays a darker greenish gray to nearly olive where Quaking Aspen's bark is a light greenish gray to nearly white.

Stands of bigtooth aspen are often mixed in with the more commonly found quaking aspen (P. tremuloides), and little commercial distinction is made between the two. New York Natural Heritage Program. Bigtooth Aspen flowers appear in April or May (depending on temperature) in drooping catkins.

Young Bigtooth Aspen trees have light, smooth bark, tan to yellowish or greenish gray. Eastern Region (New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 1980, 1995), Plates 191, 599; pp. It is considered a pioneer species; it is often a primary invader of sites which have been cleared or burned. The inner bark reportedly can be dried, ground into a powder, and used as a thickener in soups. They often constitute early successional species of their landscapes. Leaves: Alternate, simple, single toothed, triangle shaped.

George A. Petrides. A Field Guide to Trees and Shrubs (Boston: Houghton Mifflin Company, 1958,1972), pp. Big-toothed Aspen. Retrieved 7 March 2017. h�bbd```b``:"����d; "YcA�1+�d� ��� R����Z�A$�X ���4 ���I]���,"&�$��!0[H��z�� 趽 ��hN�g`�� � �~j The Bigtooth Aspen is significantly larger than Quaking Aspen. 323-324. h�b``g``�f`b`�k��À ��, The trees also provide crucial cover. Bark of Aspen and Birch Tree. The tree is dioecious, meaning that male and female flowers are on separate trees, which flower from mid-April to mid-May depending on the climate zone. Preliminary List of Species Native Within the Adirondack Park Listed Alphabetically by Scientific Name and Sorted by Habit. Medicinal uses of Bigtooth Aspen are also limited. A Field Guide (Utica, New York: North Country Books, Inc., 1990), p. 25, 54. 71 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[<70E68F8C92EAEC4FAC14F4BD7ABB447A><4B2998E1559CF248A599E152188EFF42>]/Index[46 45]/Info 45 0 R/Length 119/Prev 138568/Root 47 0 R/Size 91/Type/XRef/W[1 3 1]>>stream Minor uses include log homes, pallets, boxes, match splints, chopsticks, hockey stick components, and ladders. Forest Service, 1958).
(View Bark) The twigs are brown and hairy. Tree: This tree usually grows to be 30-60' (9-18m) tall, and has a narrow, rounded crown, as pictured to the left.

Like many species, the shape of the bark of the Bigtooth Aspen changes with age Bigtooth spinning saplings are smooth and smooth bark, tan to yellow or greenish-brown in color.

Bigtooth Aspen usually grows in mixed stands, most commonly with Quaking Aspen. Soil must be moist but well-aerated for good growth. Bigtooth aspens are dioecious, medium-sized deciduous trees with straight trunks and gently ascending branches. ˔ԘwL�S�c�Cj�޼���L���I���n�ו]x�6M�nz���(��ѹ�� �u���K�-��͸��k���0 u?��JR;)��Q9��i[��9MJXT��W���cZS��K~�CM�50/�[�6�ԁ�/ u�it�\M�bt��P��@�n�Ձ�x�o��f��2��*��:m�&m�6�E�h�v�=���H�ԣ�D�tD�t¼��ΩO�jtIC����*SM M��RK]�5}��J߰y�ί�*tL�B=(�!�q�\5]�W��oo��K��&ݞ;�죦Ͼ��C�1���d+�,�����g���Q��-S�6��[YinN��i�2Le���,�m���2����x_���6����X^-[|���pyU�S���j�_�/��8��0ޚ�C�ES��Ge:�t͔�g"Y�&��S��=�B�d��Yď���@PW�]'�$�GFG�A7lO��x��Wȸ�Ry�_��\�lg��-�uZak��@2�=�|�k��R�ꅄ�dpw藂YT�g3������q��y�Z3�\�i s��@��GeУR噴�I���"X�w!h�e�G�����ze�����������߸5��O�. The leaves of both species tremble in the breeze and are very similar in shape, with rounded teeth.

A fast-growing, but short-lived, pioneer species, Bigtooth Aspen attains heights of 60 to 80 feet. Bark: The bark is greenish-brown, smooth towards the top and rough and furrowed towards the bottom. Bigtooth aspen does play a very significant role in the lives of many other organisms. Quaking Aspen trees rarely exceed 20" in diameter, while Bigtooth Aspen may reach 30".

Peel the bark – The bark of birch trees can easily peel back and off the tree like paper. The capsules are light green in color, a little curved, slightly hairy and split into small, fluffy, cottony seeds. Symposium Proceedings (USDA Forest Service, 1985), pp. (United States Department of Agriculture. University of Wisconsin. Flora of Wisconsin. 113-119. Aspen suckers are a favored winter food of Moose and are browsed by White-tailed Deer. Big-Toothed Aspen is a pioneer species that prefers disturbed areas that are not too shady. Preliminary List of Species Native Within the Adirondack Park Listed Alphabetically by Scientific Name and Sorted by Habit.

The range of Populus grandidentata extends from Virginia north to Maine and Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia; west to southeastern Manitoba and Minnesota; south through Iowa to extreme northeastern Missouri; and east through Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, and West Virginia. The bark is thin and contains multiple black bumpy patches.

Bigtooth Aspen Leaves - Photos by Paul Wray, Iowa State University. The twigs are brown and hairy. Adirondack Upland Flora: An Ecological Perspective (Saranac, New York: The Chauncy Press, 1992), pp. Aspen Poplar Branching Pattern . Flora of North America. Updated 10.23.2006, p. 7. Commonly, it occurs in areas that frequently burn, such as large upland areas distant from water and upwind of natural fire breaks, such as lakes.
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