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";s:4:"text";s:4378:"Major boring shit" discards discs "How about Combat Training?". Me too, I can only assume that either he threatened his opponents, or because of THEIR threats ( or perceived threats ) he told them he was going to to the police so they pre-emptively called the police and told them that he threatened them and they were worried about his mental health and triggered a 5150. Marcus Chong‘s source of wealth comes from being a movie actor. Rather than simply beating up Agent Smith at the end, he enters Smiths body and explodes his code. He also appeared in Panther, a 1995 film that starred Chris Rock and Angela Bassett. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Deze 15 sterren hebben de knapste vrouwen ter wereld aan de haak geslagen! That's more than Terrence Howard can say.

Welcome to /r/FanTheories! Incorrect. He starred in the 1990s television series Street Justice. Were you the one always angrily chasing the Animaniacs around with a butterfly net? I assumed when he says "start with these first" it meant he still did them, just after the cool stuff. I'm not sure where I first read this idea, but it's a solid part of my head-canon now. I dont know about the Antivirus aspect, but I always figured that the reason nobody could ever make the jump the first time was because Tank skipped the basics. The city of Zion is built close to Earth's core, where humans can use the intense heat for their power needs. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Please check back soon for updates.

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The actual title of the video is very one sidedly biased, so I posted what I posted. Go to next page for details on Marcus Chong’s net worth and earnings. We are talking about a city with a quarter million inhabitants, so if even the ragtag humans have the technology for large-scale heat power harnessing, why aren't the machines doing the same? The Marcus Chong Story#MatrixGate what really happened to Tank the Operator in the original Matrix about careers press advertise blog.

Dit zijn de 10 best betaalde sterren uit TV series ter wereld. Everyone else in the book was just mugshots. Testing functionality. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, News & Discussion about Major Motion Pictures, Press J to jump to the feed. He and Jack Coleman shared the Broadway stage in a production called Stand-Up Tragedy. Out goes Marcus, in comes Harold Perrineau. He is known for playing Huey P. Newton in Panther (1995), directed by Mario Van Peebles and Tank the Operator in The Matrix (1999) and as Miguel Mendez in Street Justice (1991-1993). Online estimates of Marcus Chong’s net worth vary. The cookie contained programming that upgraded Neo beyond the normal abilities of The One. A look into Marcus Chong's net worth, money and current earnings. ( Source: have been tangentially involved in some stupid shit like this. Having Smith multiplying throughout the Matrix like a cancer causes the crisis that breaks the cycle of war and forces the Machines to negotiate a truce with Zion. Op 8-7-1967 is Marcus Chong (bijnaam: Marc) geboren te Seattle, Washington, United States. Early(2000)s Tommy Chong married over … He currently resides in Seattle, Washington, USA.

I had heard they had to get a restraining order against him because he would keep showing up to set during the filming of Reloaded.

In short, the cookie was a software update. Shocking #MatrixGate What really happened to Tank the Operator on the original Matrix film. Did Tank die between the movies or something? Chong hasn't appeared in a movie since 2005. The thing about stories like this is that you're never really going to get the facts or the truth.

That's really too bad, I thought he did well and the idea of being born outside of the Matrix was really interesting. Marcus Chong (born July 8, 1967) is famous for being movie actor.

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