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It gets its name from the narrower front upper lip which in depth is half the length of the eye. It surprises many that mullet are living here, but you can often see small shoals of them pass by when fishing for other species. Keep adding two or three bits of bread to keep it going.

Use a soup ladle to throw the groundbait mix into the sea.

Bites will be a single solid pull round of the rod tip. I was able to learn something from every clip I’ve watched. Periods of heavy rain will stop them running into the estuaries as the acidic rainwater starts to push down towards the sea. monofilament, #15 wire, and 1 1/4”, pear float complete the rig. This also applies to beaches that have freshwater streams flowing across them. It’s only been in the past decade or so that thin-lips were recognised in Ireland, though again maybe some confusion in identification may be responsible.

This method works especially well where commercial boats and charter boats dock in the evenings, but it will work at all other times too. If the pectoral fin is extended towards the eye it will only reach and cover the rear edge of the eye, which is a quick and reliable way to ID this fish. Now that we have entered the month of July and summer has warmed up our local waters, the kids are in their summer vacation and inshore fishing enthusiasts are excited to spend some quality time on or by the water. The real key to getting mullet to feed is to apply ground bait. Some of the best areas, if you are allowed to fish them, are where the structure has a bend in it, or where the weed grows along the low water line.

Bait with a small flake of bread, or a couple of maggots if they are in the groundbait.

Talk Sea Fishing.

Keep the hook length short, no more than 6-inches and make it from fluorocarbon so there is a little stiffness there. A special hook that has two shanks and hooks then is threaded through the loop on the end of the wire. Hook holds can be fragile when mullet fishing simply because they feed cautiously and due to the small size of the hook usually required. Bait the size 8 hook with a small sliver of mackerel just enough to hide the hook.

Open coast rock fishing can be hit and miss but tends to produce a better than average size of fish. Also try differing speeds of retrieve. This will help the fish last longer.

They are quick to take advantage of unusual but area common food items that enter their realm. Since mullet do not bite in the conventional matter, mullet anglers have perfected techniques and rigs suited for these frantic fighters. They do not, as a rule, access minor estuarial side creeks nor wander onto the open mudflats during the high tide period. Just wait until you see the full course! This is the best choice when feeder fishing or light ledger fishing, and also for casting bubble floats with bread baits. For those of you who are not familiar with a Carolina rig, it is simple—1 egg weight in the ounce of your choice, 1 swivel, fluorocarbon (around 18 inches or shorter) the pound test of your choice and 1 fish hook of your choice. Most mullet fishing rigs are #2 or #3 hooks tied 8 to 10 inches apart along a fishing line with a float about 4 inches above the first hook and a sinker (or sinkers) attached near the bottom hook. Their common range is throughout the Mediterranean, along the coasts of Spain and Portugal, the Bay of Biscay and France. Sometimes, mullet will feed in this artificial light if there is an obvious and consistent food source available to them. The hook is inserted in the front section of the mullet, through the fish, and back out the back section. They also show off selected South Wales beaches around the Gower and in Pembrokeshire. Grey mullet can also be found off open rock marks facing into the open sea. She says this works well as long as the laying mash keeps going out to attract the mullet. Even when they move on, they will come back as they patrol the surf line. One rig is an inch longer than the other.

Two other live baits that are used frequently to catch these three fish are live Shrimp and Mud Minnows. Estuarial mullet will stay in the deeper brackish pools at the heads of estuaries until the next tide returns, but fish feeding in the salt marsh creeks will move in with the flooding tide, linger over high water, but by the first hour of the ebbing tide will be dropping back quickly to the main estuary channel. Do you peg your weight or let the weight slide freely? Scatter no more than half a dozen 50p sized free offering bits of bread onto the surface in the vicinity of the cruising mullet.

Also, increasing the length of wire or fluorocarbon between the spinner and the hook, anything up to 12 to 15-inches, can help induce takes. Thin-lipped mullet are most common in the Mediterranean, but gradually become less common as you head north into the Bay of Biscay. Drop the mackerel section and bait hook over the side of the harbour wall but keep it as close to the wall as you can. They will also feed on the growth that is found on jetty and pier pilings right underneath the structure. The pearl beads work really well as they sparkle like a small fish and are light in weight and this mullet tends to take best when the lure and bait are worked at a slow to medium pace just sub surface. When mullet fishing with the spinner system, fish just one worm with the hook and line passed almost fully down the body. For this type of fishing the modern freshwater feeder rods, such as the 11ft Cadence CR10 Feeder number 2 or number 3 are a good choice being a medium and stronger action respectively. These mullet are thought to only see a proportion of the overall stock breed each year, and probably only in alternate years. Alternatively, load with a full fluorocarbon mainline in 6 to 8lbs and fish it straight through. Mullet fishing has quietly become a fascination for many.

They will though, travel further up the river system right into freshwater and well beyond the normal range of thick-lipped mullet.

In the surf, small bits of king ragworm, lugworm, and even squid strips can work, but the maddies are the number one bait by far.

A really good tip is to stand quietly at the water’s edge and watch the surf tables as they turn over. Judy says the secret is to throw a hand full of laying mash out a comfortable distance.

If you hook them in the nose, they’ll just settle down to the bottom and not move. These can be more pronounced in juvenile fish, but somewhat faint on larger adults depending on habitat. They also work up the estuaries and into the side creeks but obviously on the smaller tides the ground they can access is more limited. GG’s do like a bait that is moving naturally. In deeper water, form the bread mix into small golf ball sized balls and throw these in so they sink before breaking up. This is typically in the late July through to early October period and works best in calm seas with light surf. The hook length is 12-inches of 6lb fluorocarbon and tie on a size 8 Drennan Super Specialist hook or similar pattern.

In all ledger fishing conditions, use only old weathered lead weights. You need to make a semi liquid chum.

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